For the digital natives, the Internet and technology are relatively essential for everyday functions, from shopping, entertainment, to socialization. There is no question as to why there are a lot of opportunities online and freelancing has become a trend. If you are a beginner user of technology, it can be difficult to identify where to start and where to head at. But fret not because the digital world offers a lot of doors. From website design New Jerseylead generation, to web development. 

There are many opportunities in becoming a web designer. What does it take to be one and what are the skills you need to develop? We listed them all for you.  

  1. Know the basics of virtual designing – knowledge in design seems to be an obvious skill you need to have and develop when you want to be a web designer. Whatdoes it reallymean to be one? Since web designing refers to a variety of design making and a subfield of virtual designing, it is important to understand what does virtual designing means.  

Virtual refers to the platform used in the tech and digital world, and the principles in its designing making are different from other platforms. Its principles are also what determine the feel and aesthetics of the website and should be one of the core knowledges that every web designer should have. This ranges from grid systems, knowledge in color, fonts, typography to knowledge about proportions.   

  1. Familiarizeyourself with HTML – all web designers should know HTML coding basics besides CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Coding is a basic and technical skill that web designers are expected to have although there are several platforms that let you design a website without any schema on raw coding. If you know how to code in HTML and CSS, it would be an advantage for you.   

If you want to know basic web designing for free, HTML and CSS are the skills you can start with. Start researching about free resources you can code and begin with the basic codes like putting on some text and elements on a website using HTML.   

  1. Knows how to provide a good user experience – user experience, or sometimes called UX, is referred to how people or visitors of the website feel when they use the website. This feeling should be positive and not otherwise. A good web designer should take into consideration the elements in the website that could evoke positive feelings and emotions. That being said, the website should be aesthetically appealing and easy to use.  
  2. Knowledge ofJavaScript– JavaScript is the modern version of HTML and CSS combined. If you can program using this language, it will surely be beneficial in your career as a web designer since this can be difficult to learn compared with the traditional HTML and CSS.   


Although hard, technical skills are required to be a web designer, soft skills such as good communication, time management and organization are also essential to be successful.