2016 Road Glide SpecialI'm currently riding a 2016 Road Glide Special. I had a Pingel Electric EasyShift  installed, so that I can change gears by pusing a button with my thumb. I also added an elctronic center stand, with air ride suspension, since the bike is too heavy for me to reach down and lift the kickstand by hand. I can flip a switch to lower the center stand, and then flip another switch to lower the bike onto the center stand. Eventhough I can ride the motorcycle as it is now, I still think I'd like to have the added safety of three wheels. My hesitation to go to three wheels is due to the fact that I still want to lean into turns. After a lot of research, I discovered the Trio with Tilt Lock, created by Tilting Motor Works. The Trio is a reverse trike kit, which puts two wheels at the front. The Trio still allows the rider to lean into turns, and Tilt Lock will keep the motorcycle from leaning. This means that the rider doesn't have to put their feet down at a stop. Watch the following videos for more information about the Trio.

 Leaning trike conversion by Tilting Motor Works

 Tilting Motor Works Leaning Trikes - Jay Leno's Garage

 Tilting Motor Works Showreel

 Tilting Motor Works: Leaning 3-Wheeled Harley - MotoUSA