How To Choose The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

goalkeeper glove

Goalkeeper gloves are one of the most important goalkeeper wear. The soccer goalkeeper wears the gloves to protect himself or herself breaking the fingers or the palm. They are best in gripping the ball, and the goalkeeper can block, punch or block the ball without hurting the palms and fingers. This is possible because the gloves have a cushion on the fingers and palm. If you are a goalkeeper, you must take the gloves buying guide seriously because they are essential to protect your palms. You need to choose the best type such as the elite goalkeeper’s gloves. The following are tips to guide you chose the best elite goalkeepers gloves.

glove material
Construction of the gloves

When you buy the goalkeeper gloves, you need to focus on how they are constructed. The major parts to check are the fingers, palm, and the backhand. Ensure that all the parts meet the requirements of your hand. For instance, the backhand should have pads that will help in punching the ball. The layer of foam padding should be big enough and cushioned with latex. Thee fingers must have the spines on the inner part to prevent hypertension and breaking of the fingers when catching the ball. Lastly, the palm should have a clinging agent to enable the goalkeeper to grab the ball. There should be a closure to enable the gloves to tighten to the hand.


There are different types of goalkeeper gloves that can be used on different occasions. You need to choose the best depending on the match, training and the weather. For example, the gloves you use during a match should have a high-quality latex to guard the fingers. The training gloves have less grip because you are either a beginner or you are just practicing. Lastly, on the weather, you need to find the gloves that will protect you from water or wetting your hands. These have latex arms that stick to your hand when you are wet.

Cuts or fits

This depends on how the palm material is designed and the type of that material. The dimensions of your hand also determine the type of gloves to use as a goalkeeper. You are required to take measurements of your hand before you buy one. It is recommended that you choose gloves that stick to your hand but not too tight to make your fingers uncomfortable. Ensure that the hand does not slide inside the gloves when you wear them. You need to use ones with sufficient padding but maintain the flexibility of your fingers in a way you can catch the ball conveniently.

glove quality


This is important because you need gloves with a quality that lasts longer to finish the match. The gloves should have high-quality paddings made of latex. These materials are capable of safeguarding your palm and finger when you are in a match. The material should be fit to make you comfortable to grab the ball. Eliminate materials that wear out fast. This might waste your time changing when you are in the middle of the game.